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Safe Eyes 6.2

It protects your family from harmful content and other dangers on the Internet
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InternetSafety, Inc.

Safe Eyes is a wonderful parental tool that allows you to control many users using a single computer. The process is simple, you create a username and password for every user, and within the admin's account you adjust the settings for each of them. You can ban certain websites, set time limits, block instant messengers or record conversations, block email accounts, or monitor non web-based email accounts, track any personal information posted from your computer to social networking sites, such as Facebook, My Space, etc., or even record web posts containing profanity or sexually suggested terms, block certain applications, and many more. The program even generates printable usage reports for all the users, including administrator.
The program sits silently in you system tray and allows you to modify certain things right from there. It will also inform you about the time left for each user to be online and is able to notify you about the prohibited actions if some took place.
As you can see, Safe Eyes is a complete program that can be used to control your children when you are not at home, or to control your employees.

Silvana Mansilla
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